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Building a Bridge Between East and West:

Blue River Trading Company LLC was established in 2009 with the intent to help domestic brands reach global markets. Since that time, our experiences and successes have led us to be a trusted name in product distribution, in both United States and Asian markets. Today, we're proud to be the foremost authority on product import and export to and from these areas of the world.

Headquartered in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Blue River Trading Company has access to some of the most prolific markets in the United States and various Asian countries. Being located in the American Midwest has given us the opportunity to reach all segments of the country and our firsthand experience regarding Asian markets has helped us to pinpoint exceptional staging areas for international product distribution.

At Blue River Trading Company, we prize quality products above all else. We've aligned ourselves with top manufacturers in a variety of niche markets and currently distribute gourmet food, organic health and beauty products and natural home products. Through these partnerships, we've successfully proliferated the distribution opportunities in each market that we operate within, allowing the brands we serve to increase their presence on a global scale.

Grounded in transparency, efficiency and reliability, Blue River Trading Company has garnered the reputation for being a standalone provider for international product distribution.